“You can provide money, you can build factories, but people you must gain.”Hans Christoph von Rohr


That success needs the proper combination of business model and people is generally known. But the realization is one of the most challenging job managers have to fulfill.

Best is who identifies those kinds of possibilities and uses them!

For that you need experience, creativity and the proper dose of assertiveness, individuality and empathy; in short


Guided by that, Patrick Freiherr von Nolcken has established BIZ2PEOPLE-The Leadership Company in 2007.

Centre of attention is the cooperation with up-scale, midsized industries, where success is more intensive related to strength and weaknesses of individual persons.

The initial situations of the past jobs were different: Start-Up, crisis, restructuring, corporate succession, strategic or operating reorganization, headhunting or replacement. But all of them meet one:

The best practice for business and people!

Biz2People-TheLeadershipCompany supports you by a custom-made solution. We are not satisfied by analysis and reports, we tackle the problem. Corresponding to that our customer relationship is adapted and the role fits to the challenge:

  • Consultant
  • Interims Manager
  • Non-Executive Director
  • Coach